I design custom training plans intended to deliver the training your dog needs in a format that best serves your lifestyle and desired level of involvement. Don't have time to train your dog? No problem! Want to get your partner or family involved? Great! Need support from a distance? You've come to the right place. Read on for a more detailed explanation of each of my lifestyle training options. 

behavior consultation

All training services begin with a behavior consultation, which will last about 2 hours. During this time, I will meet you and your dog, and we will discuss your needs. I will also gather information about your dog and your lifestyle, help to prioritize your training goals, and offer management techniques for any urgent behavioral concerns. From there, I will develop a customized training plan based on one of my lifestyle training options.

Your dog's specific needs will help me to determine which training approach is best suited to accomplish your goals. I will always consider your preferred training approach, but ultimately will not recommend a training plan that does not fit your dog's personality, behavioral needs, and comfort level. 


day training

Life is busy. I understand that you don't necessarily aspire (or have time) to become a dog training expert - that's why you call me! Day training allows me to work with your dog more frequently and consistently to reach your training goals sooner and help take the stress out of dog ownership. 


I will visit and train your dog five times per week, Monday through Friday (while you're busy tending to life). You'll receive brief progress updates along the way. Once your training goals have been achieved, we will meet for at least two transition sessions, where I will teach you and your family how to reinforce and maintain your dog's good behaviors. After that, you'll have one month of on-going email support for any questions or challenges that may arise. 


family training

Dogs are members of the family. Spending time together on training not only builds good behavior, but also strengthens the bond we share with our dogs. Family training offers the opportunity for all engaged members of the family to be present and learn firsthand how to train your dog in the comfort of your home while building your relationship.  


I will meet with your family and your dog once per week. During each session, I'll teach you the basics of positive reinforcement training and work with you to train your dog according to your goals. You will be encouraged to take notes and will be given fun homework assignments to practice with your dog in between sessions. You and your family will work together to establish, reinforce and maintain your dog's good behaviors. Email support will be provided throughout the duration of your training plan. 



virtual training

During such uncertain times, we've learned that so much is possible via video chat, and dog training is no exception! Whatever your circumstances may be, I respect your personal preference to seek dog training support virtually and I am fully prepared to deliver. This is also a great option for families who live outside of my service area. 


I will conduct your behavior consultation and execute your training plan via scheduled video chat sessions. I will teach you the basics of positive reinforcement training and walk you through each step of the way as you learn to establish, reinforce and maintain your dog's good behaviors.Email support will be provided throughout the duration of your training plan.


Caninekind LLC is registered, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.